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Ad Stellae Books is science fiction author Sylvia Engdahl's personal imprint, not a publisher.
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Stewards of the Flame Promise of the Flame Defender of the Flame Herald of the Flame

For adults and mature high school - Paperback, Kindle, Kindle Unlimted (the paperback covers have the same art but different lettering)

This Star Shall Abide
For teens and adults
Paper, Kindle, epub, pdf, audio
Beyond the Tomorrow Mountains
For high school and adults
Kindle, epub, pdf
The Doors of the Universe
For high school and adults
Kindle, epub, pdf
Children of the Star
Omnibus Edition
Paper, Kindle, epub, pdf

The Far Side of Evil
For high school and adults
Kindle, epub, pdf

Journey Between Worlds
For teens and adults
Kindle, epub, pdf

The Hidden Flame
Omnibus Edition
Paper, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited

The Rising Flame
Omnibus Edition
Paper, Kindle, Kindle Unlimted
Anthology containing all of Engdahl's short fiction plus fiction by Mildred Butler, Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Rick Roberson, Carol Farley, and Robert Pierik.
(Expanded Edition)

For teens and adults
Kindle, epub, pdf

Anywhere, Anywhen

The Planet-Girded Suns
History of belief in extrasolar worlds during the 17th through 20th centuries
(Updated and expanded Edition)

For adults and high school
Paper, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited

Where is Enchantress from the Stars?
There is no Ad Stellae Books edition of Sylvia Engdahl's best-known novel, Enchantress from the Stars, because the rights to it are owned by Bloomsbury (which bought Walker, the publisher of the 2001 hardcover edtion). The 2003 paperback edition published by Firebird is still in print. Bloomsbury plans to issue a new paperback and an ebook edition in Winter 2018.

Note: In 2015 and 2016 some of the covers were changed with no changes to the books themselves. Here are the old ones, of which copies still exist.

Also available
Three biographies and two novels for teens by Mildred Allen Butler
(who was Sylvia Engdahl's mother)
Kindle, epub, some PDF
Twice Queen of France Actress in Spite of Herself Rapier for Revenge Ward of the Sun King The Disobedient Queen

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