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About Sylvia Engdahl

Sylvia Engdahl is the author of ten science fiction novels, six of which are Young Adult novels that are also enjoyed by adults. The one for which she is best known, Enchantress from the Stars, was a 1971 Newbery Honor book, winner of the 1990 Phoenix Award of the Children's Literature Association, and a finalist for the 2002 Book Sense Book of the Year in the Rediscovery category. Her four latest novels -- the Hidden Flame duology and the Rising Flame duology -- are for adults. She has also published an updated and expanded edition of her nonfiction book The Planet-Girded Suns: The Long History of Belief in Exoplanets. She is a strong advocate of space colonization and in addition to a widely-read space section of her website she created the site www.spacequotes.com, which contains quotations about why humankind must expand into space. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Newbery Honor seal
Awards and Honors
    Junior Literary Guild selection (Enchantress from the Stars), 1970

    ALA Notable Children's Books (Enchantress from the Stars), 1970

    Horn Book Fanfare (Enchantress from the Stars), 1971

    Newbery Honor Book (Enchantress from the Stars), 1971

    Christopher Award (This Star Shall Abide), 1973

    Phoenix Award (Enchantress from the Stars), 1990

    New York Public Library 100 Favorite Children's Books (Enchantress from the Stars), 1998

    Teen People Book Club selection (Enchantress from the Stars), 2001

    Book Sense Book of the Year finalist, Rediscovery category (Enchantress from the Stars ), 2002

    CBC Not Just For Children Anymore, Classics category (Enchantress from the Stars), 2002 and later

    CCBC Choices (Enchantress from the Stars), 2002

    ALA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults (Enchantress from the Stars), 2004

    Geffen Award finalist, Best Translated YA Book (Enchantress from the Stars), 2008

    Independent Publishers (IPPY) Book Award, bronze (Stewards of the Flame), 2008

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The following anthologies of articles from various sources were textbooks sold to school and libraries, which I compiled to the publisher's specifications. I wrote only their introductory essays. The aim was to offer an unbiased presentation of both sides of controversial issues, so they do not reveal my own views on these subjects.

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The John F. Kennedy Assassination. Greenhaven Press, 2010.
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Free Speech. Greenhaven Press, 2007.
Medical Rights. Greenhaven Press, 2008.
Right to Private Property. Greenhaven Press, 2009.
War on Drugs. Greenhaven Press, 2009.
Intellectual Property Rights. Greenhaven Press, 2009.
Cybercrime. Greenhaven Press, 2009.
Animal Welfare. Greenhaven Press, 2010.
Mental Health. Greenhaven Press, 2010.
War. Greenhaven Press, 2010.
Taxation. Greenhaven Press, 2010.
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Online Social Networking. Greenhaven Press, 2007.
Blogs. Greenhaven Press, 2008.
Domestic Wiretapping. Greenhaven Press, 2008.
Prescription Drugs. Greenhaven Press, 2008.
Vaccines. Greenhaven Press, 2008.
Assisted Suicide. Greenhaven Press, 2008.
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Forensic Technology. Greenhaven Press, 2010.
The Elderly. Greenhaven Press, 2011.
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Internet Activism. Greenhaven Press, 2013.
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Scientific Research. Greenhaven Press, 2015.
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