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Sylvia Engdahl, 1998 For many years I didn't publicly express any opinions (other than those implicit in my novels) except for my conviction about the vital importance of expanding our civilization into space. I didn't want people to be distracted from the space issue by disagreement with my views on unrelated subjects. But beginning with the publication of Stewards of the Flame in 2007, I began commenting on various other issues that are important to me. I did this mainly on pages discussing the background of the novel, which weren't easily discoverable except though a link on its description page and therefore didn't reach many readers. I have now updated these and made them acessible from the site's navigation bar along with some related essays, to which I'll be adding more.

Though some of the topics covered here may seem quite separate from each other, actually they are all concerned with two interrelated themes: first, the powers of the individual human mind, including so-called "paranormal" powers; and second the use, and too often misuse, of technology to directly impact the minds and/or bodies of human individuals. These -- as well as space, which has its own section of the site -- are the topics I feel are of greatest significance in our era, apart from the major world problems that I believe can't be solved as long as we remain confined to one small planet.

Background Information for Stewards of the Flame

These pages are of interest whether or not you've read, or plan to read, the novel. They include my commentary, links to relevant articles on the Web, book lists, and in some cases videos.

Closer than you may think. . .

Remote Health Monitoring Is Already Here

Microchips Are Already Being Implanted in Humans

Government Control of Health Care Is a Threat to Freedom

Truer than you may realize. . .

The Mind's Influence on Health Is Now Recognized

Neurofeedback Is Already Used to Control Perception of Pain

ESP and Other Psi Powers Are Real

Firewalking Is Common Today

Worse than you may know. . .

Overtreatment in Medicine Is a Serious Problem

Current Treatment of Mental Illness Is Often Harmful

Today Most People's Death Is Painfully Prolonged

Essays on Related Subjects

The Role of Psi in Human Affairs

The Evolutionary Significance of the Metanormal

Transhumanism Is a Dead End

The Worship of Medical Authority

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