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New $2.99 ebook edition of Journey Between Worlds

This novel is "science fiction" because the story takes place on Mars, but it's not about technology or exotic adventure. It's mainly a story about human aspirations and human love. It has had two past hardcover editions and a paperback issued by major publishers, yet despite good reviews it has never reached the audience it was meant for. It was marketed exclusively as science fiction rather than romance, although avid science fiction fans aren't likely to sympathize with a heroine who doesn't want to go to Mars. It's enjoyed most by romance readers who may or may not be in favor of space travel, and who wonder whether in a changing world, there's hope for their descendants to find happiness. Space enthusiasts interested in Martian colonies like the book, and they especially like recommending it to friends who don't see why anybody would want to live on Mars. Now that I have the rights back, I'm hoping it will at last be discovered by the readers for whom it was intended.

Flame Series now available in Kindle Unlimited

My two Flame series -- The Hidden Flame and the RIsing Flame, both the individual books and the "box set" editions -- can now be accessed by subscribers to Kindle Unlimited. (This new program allows borrowing up to 10 Kindle books at a time from Amazon.com for a fee of $9.99 per month. The author is paid according to the number of pages read.) With thousands of science fiction novels to read free in Kindle Unlimited, I feel it's unlikely that anyone will buy a book by an author with whom they're not already familiar. For my adult novels to get new readers, it's essential that they be included.

The downside is that while enrolled in Kindle Unlimited a book cannot be for sale anywhere except at Amazon.com, not even the author's own website, and copies cannot be given away. (This applies only to digital editions; paper editions can still be sold elsewhere, and I still offer signed copies.) I've therefore had to withdraw the ebooks of the Flame series -- but not my other books -- from all other retailers. You don't need a Kindle to read Kindle books; there are free apps for reading them on computers, smartphones, and most other devices. And of course, you don't have to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited; you can still buy the Kindle books you want. More information can be found here.

New covers for Stewards of the Flame, Promise of the Flame, and the Children of the Star trilogy

The books in the Hidden Flame series were recently given new covers to match the design of those in the Rising Flame series. The covers of the Children of the Star trilogy have been changed to make them more colorful when seen in a small size and to make This Star Shall Abide more appealing to teens. The interiors of the books have not changed. (Also, the lettering has been enlarged on the covers of some of my other books' ebook editions, but not their paperback editions.)

Special Sale! SIgned copies of paperbacks with the old covers can be obained from me at my cost (including cost of postage) as long as they last. The purchase form on the book description brings up these discounted prices -- if you want the current covers, add $5.00 in the "shipping" box.

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Children of the Star series
Book 1:
This Star Shall Abide
Book 2:
Beyond the Tomorrow Mountains
Book 3:
The Doors of the Universe
Children of the Star

Flame series
The Hidden Flame, Book 1:
Stewards of the Flame
The Hidden Flame, Book 2:
Promise of the Flame
The Rising Flame, Book 1:
Defender of the Flame
The Rising Flame, Book 2:
Herald of the Flame
Omnibus (first subseries):
The Hidden Flame
Omnibus (second subseries:
The Rising Flame

Stand-alone novels
Enchantress from the Stars
The Far Side of Evil
Journey Between Worlds

YA Novels
Enchantress from the Stars Firebird edition
Age 11 & older
Paperback, pdf, audio

The Far Side of Evil ebook edition
Age 14 & older
Kindle, epub, pdf, OP paperback

Journey Between Worlds Firdbird edition
Age 12 & older
Kindle, epub, pdf, OP paperback

This Star Shall Abide ebook edition
aka Heritage of the Star
Age 12 & older
Paperback, Kindle, epub, pdf, audio

Beyond the Tomorrow Mountains ebook edition
High school & adults
Kindle, epub, pdf

The Doors of the Universe ebook edition
High school & adults
Kindle, epub, pdf

My Books ~ Click on Covers for Detailed Information and Purchase Links

Six YA science fiction novels, all republished in both hardcover and paperback in the 21st century

Four adult science fiction novels, independently published in 2007, 2009, 2013 and 2014

A nonfiction book updated and republished in 2012

From the Reviews of My YA Novels

On Enchantress from the Stars: "Not just a novel for young adults but also one of the finest sf novels ever written--a classic of the genre. The only possible complaint one can make is that, after finishing it, you will likely find yourself disinclined for a while to pick up anything else in the genre for fear it will, as it were, taste of ashes. In sum, it is almost impossible to convey how good this book is. Please just read it." --John Grant, Infinityplus

On The Far Side of Evil: "Fiction doesn't have to be profound, just entertaining. But every once in a long while, a novel comes along that is both... [It] speak[s] to the very place of humanity in the universe, and what we need to do to attain and claim it. In an age in which terrorism has threatened our ways of life in unexpected ways, Engdahl's probing story, and the recommendation it contains, are especially relevant." --Paul Levinson, author of Unburning Alexandria

On Journey Between Worlds: "A beautifully-written, heartwarming, and scientifically plausible novel. What's more, it's quite a lot of fun... The sort of thing that's easy to devour in one sitting, and though short, it will leave you satiated afterward. On the other hand, now that I'm done with it, I want more." --John Joseph Adams, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show,

On Children of the Star: "Once again, Engdahl creates a believable and thought-provoking piece of sf/fantasy that doesn't fall to the usual ray-guns-or-dragons cliches. The questions raised about freedom in this book kept making me pause in the middle of a page, thinking deeply about what was being shown in the story... For fans of originality/ intelligence: there's plenty." --E. A. Solinas, Amazon.com

From the Reviews of My Adult Novels

On Stewards of the Flame: "A thought provoking novel that may make you question the authority and direction of modern Western medical practices. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading genre fiction with some substance to it." --Anna Creech, Blogcritics

On Promise of the Flame: "It is not necessary to read the first [book] in order to be enthralled by the second... Engdahl's gift is to make her characters seem comfortable and familiar to the reader, even though their circumstances are not. Although clearly a work of science fiction, the ideas and futuristic possibilities are disturbingly real and will remain with the reader long after they've finished the book." --Peggy LaVake, IndieReader Staff Review

On Defender of the Flame: "This book reaches back to the brio and speculation of Engdahl's classic books of the Seventies... The reader will be taken on an exciting and suspenseful ride... With an admirable protagonist and many interesting and well-drawn characters major and minor, Defender is satisfying on multiple levels... I expected to like this book; I was startled that I loved it. A must read!" --Nicholas Birns, author of Understanding Anthony Powell

On Herald of the Flame: "A futuristic ride that has many parallels in today's society. This is a 'thinking man's' science fiction book - the type we need more of today!" --The Feathered Quill

On the Rising Flame series: "These novels are not so much genre 'Romance' or even just 'Science Fiction' as they are Literature. These are novels about life." --Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Alien Romances: Reviews 14

From the Reviews of The Planet-Girded Suns

"Engdahl has marshalled an impressive and fascinating selection of primary sources... [She] has shown how deep this vein of speculation runs ... and reminded us that our ancestors entertained a view of the universe that was larger and more imaginative than the history books lead us to believe. Challenging and original." --Kirkus Reviews

Cover of Children of the Star
Adults & high school
Paperback, Kindle, epub, pdf

Originally YA
(revised editions
issued as adult)

The Planet-Girded Suns updated edition
Adults & high school
Paperback, Kindle, epub, pdf

Adult Novels
Cover of Stewards of the Flame
Adults & mature HS
Paperback and Kindle

Cover of Promise of the Flame
Adults & mature HS
Paperback and Kindle

Cover of Defender of the Flame
Adults & mature HS
Paperback and Kindle

Cover of Herald of the Flame
Adults & mature HS
Paperback and Kindle

Cover of The Hidden Flame
Adults & mature high school
Omnibus, Kindle only

Cover of The Rising Flame
Adults & mature high school
Omnibus, Kindle only

Also available:
Anthology for teens edited by me
(including all my short fiction)

Anywhere, Anywhen expanded edition
Age 12 & older
Kindle, epub, pdf
What is Ad Stellae Books?

All traditionally-published editions of my books except Enchantress from the Stars are out of print. The current paperback and ebook editions of the others, and of my adult novels, were published by me under the imprint Ad Stellae Books. This is my personal imprint, not a publishing company.

Stewards of the Flame and The Planet-Girded Suns have been awarded places on the Awesome Indies list of quality independent fiction.

Children of the Star was selected as Book of the Week by BookWorks

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