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Memories of Sweyolakan, 1954-1955

Camp from the trail to Guardian Pine Point

Camp Sweyolakan on Coeur d'Alene Lake, Idaho, as it was 50 years ago.

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From the album of
Sylvia Engdahl

(Blue Bird Unit Director, 1954; Sleepy Hollow Unit Director, 1955.)

In a war canoe, 1955
Sweyolakan symbol

Midnight Banquet, 1954
At the time of these pictures Sweyolakan was an all-girl Camp Fire Girls camp. Today, Camp Fire USA includes both girls and boys and the camp is loved by a new generation -- visit www.sweyolakan.org for current information.

At right, the 1954 Midnight Banquet. (Camp Director Vivian Allgaier, right; Executive Director Joyce Kenworthy, 2nd from left.)

1954 Midnight Banquet, counselor choir 1954 Midnight Banquet, crowning the gypsy queen

Welcoming the boat Aboard the Dancewana

One-nine-five-four at Sweyolakan
No other year the same!
Every girl a comrade true,
Whatever name or fame.
One-nine-five-four at Sweyolakan
Sunset and evening glow--
But it's the Camp Fire spirit most
That makes us love it so.

In the dining hall

On the campcraft beach

In the 'Curly' canoe

At Vigil Point

Around the campfire
At the dining table

Blue Bird storytime

Blue Birds in their cabin

Cookout at Star Point

Cooking on the beach

Remember the times you've had here,
Remember when you're away.
Remember the friends you've made here,
And don't forget to come back someday.
Remember beside the campfire,
Amid the hills so blue,
That you belong to Sweyolakan,
And Sweyolakan belongs to you.
Leaving on a canoe trip
Most of the pictures are black and white, though shown here in a warmer sepia tone. These are low resolution images; you can obtain higher resolution B&W files of some if you want to print them. (However, prints must be small to be sharp; they are snapshots taken with an old-fashioned camera.) For more information contact sle [at] sylviaengdahl [dot] com.

The waterfront and dining hall There are a lot
more pictures!

Canoe trips


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